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About Global Batteries SA

Looking for a top-quality car battery in Alberton or Johannesburg? Look no further than Global Batteries SA! We're your one-stop shop for genuine car batteries from leading brands like Willard, Varta, Exide, Novax, Enertec, and more. Whether you need a replacement for your sedan, SUV, truck, or motorcycle, we have the perfect battery at the best price.

Why Choose Global Batteries SA?

  • Widest selection of car batteries in Alberton and Johannesburg
  • Expert technicians for professional battery fitting and free alternator testing
  • Free car battery service to ensure optimal performance
  • Competitive prices and guaranteed quality
  • Convenient location in Alberton, at 6 Voortrekker Street, New Redruth
  • Fast and reliable delivery available throughout the Johannesburg area


Mastodon Machines offers High Quality intelligent chargers at a fraction of the competitors prices.


Intelligent Charger


Intelligent Charger




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