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Understanding the battery needs of your vehicle is crucial, especially for Start/Stop cars. Global Batteries Alberton sheds light on the differences between standard lead-acid and AGM batteries to help you make the right choice:

Standard Lead-Acid vs AGM Batteries:

Start/Stop vehicles require batteries that can handle continuous discharge and charging cycles efficiently. AGM batteries are specially designed for this purpose, offering benefits such as minimal water loss and maintenance-free operation. They are capable of storing energy produced during braking and ensuring hassle-free engine starts.

In contrast, standard lead-acid batteries may struggle to meet the demands of Start/Stop technology. Using a standard lead-acid battery in such vehicles can not only lead to premature battery failure but also risk voiding warranties and causing safety hazards. These batteries are unable to handle the high rate of charge required during regenerative braking, potentially leading to overheating and leakage.

Choosing the Right Battery:

Global Batteries Alberton recommends two options for vehicles equipped with Start/Stop technology:

  1. Enhanced Flooded Battery (EFB): Suitable for entry-level systems.
  2. AGM Battery: Ideal for sophisticated Start/Stop systems.

Make the smart choice for your vehicle's battery needs with expert guidance from Global Batteries Alberton. Ensure optimal performance and reliability for your Start/Stop vehicle with the right battery selection.

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