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Demystifying Your Car Battery Warranty at Global Batteries

At Global Batteries, we're committed to ensuring a satisfying experience with your new car battery. Our warranties offer peace of mind, but understanding the details is crucial. So, let's delve deeper into what's covered and what's not:

Before We Test:

    • Flat Battery? We Charge First: Even if your car died, it doesn't automatically mean a faulty battery. Leaving lights on, short trips, or extreme temperatures can temporarily drain it. We charge the battery first to eliminate these user-related issues and diagnose true problems.
    • Mechanic Visit Doesn't Guarantee Fault: While your mechanic might have checked the battery, we have specialized equipment for in-depth testing. Our independent assessment ensures accuracy and protects your warranty rights.

What's Covered:

    • Manufacturing Defects: We proudly stand behind our batteries and cover any internal flaws that hinder their ability to hold a charge and power your vehicle.

What's Not Covered:

    • Battery Post Abuse: Damage to the battery posts caused by improper installation, unsafe jumpstarting, or connecting unauthorized devices voids the warranty. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for safe handling.
    • Physical Damage: Cracks, leaks, tampering with the casing, or other physical damage automatically voids the warranty. Handle your battery with care!
    • Parasitic Draw: If your battery drains quickly even when unused, it might indicate a "parasitic draw" – an electrical leak in your vehicle's system. This issue is not covered by the battery warranty and requires repair by a qualified mechanic.

Special Note on Deep Cycle Batteries:

Deep cycle batteries, designed for sustained discharge and recharge cycles, have separate warranty periods compared to standard car batteries. While brands like Exide offer a 24-month warranty on their standard car batteries, their deep cycle batteries, like the SMF100 and SMF101, might have a different warranty period, such as 12 months. Always double-check the specific warranty details for your chosen deep cycle battery.

Warranty Periods:

    • Global Batteries: 12 months (in-house)
    • Novax Batteries: 18 months (in-house)
    • Exide Batteries: 24 months (nationwide) for standard car batteries; check specific model for deep cycle warranties
    • Willard Batteries: 25 months (nationwide)
    • Varta Batteries: 25 months (nationwide)
    • Enertec Batteries: 18 months (nationwide)

Remember: These warranties apply to Global Batteries purchases and may differ for other manufacturers.

Additional Tips:

    • Regular Maintenance: Schedule regular battery checks for early detection of potential issues.
    • Driving Habits: If you take frequent short trips, consider a battery designed for such use to prevent premature drain.
    • Parasitic Draw Detection: Be mindful of signs like rapid battery drain, even when unused. Get your vehicle checked for electrical leaks promptly.

By understanding our warranty terms and exclusions, you can ensure a smooth experience and maximize the life of your new car battery. Our friendly staff at Global Batteries is always happy to answer any questions and assist you with choosing the right battery for your needs, including deep cycle options.

Don't hesitate to ask! We're here to help you drive with confidence.

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