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Every driver wants their vehicle to remain reliable and efficient for years to come. Global Batteries Alberton understands the importance of regular maintenance in achieving this goal. Here are the top five car maintenance tips recommended by our trusted specialists:

Top Car Maintenance Tips:

  1. Rotate the Tyres: Ensure even tyre wear and maximize their lifespan by rotating them regularly, typically every 9,000 to 12,000 kilometers. Refer to your car manual for specific rotation instructions.

  2. Lighten Your Key Holder: Reduce strain on your ignition switch by limiting your key holder to only the necessary key. Heavy keychains can lead to premature ignition switch failure.

  3. Always Carry an Emergency Kit: Be prepared for roadside emergencies by including essential items like jumper cables, a torch, jack, and a power bank in your vehicle. These items can be lifesavers in unexpected situations.

  4. Check the Wipers: Maintain clear visibility by regularly inspecting and replacing worn-out wiper blades. Cracked rubber strips can lead to streaks on the windshield, affecting your ability to see clearly.

  5. Be Kind to the Battery: Keep your battery in good condition by performing visual inspections regularly. Clean it from dirt and corrosion and watch out for signs of damage such as cracks or bulges, indicating the need for replacement.

By following these simple yet effective maintenance tips from Global Batteries Alberton, you can ensure your vehicle remains reliable, efficient, and safe on the road. Additionally, don't forget to schedule regular battery checks twice a year to detect any potential issues early and prolong battery life.

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