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As the holiday season approaches, the allure of the open road beckons, and many South Africans eagerly prepare for their upcoming adventures. Whether it's a coastal escape or a cross-country journey to visit loved ones, ensuring your vehicle is equipped for the trip is essential.

Imagine cruising along with great company, enjoying captivating audiobooks, and singing along to your favorite tunes. But what if disaster strikes? Tablet batteries die, phone batteries drain, music stops playing, and GPS fails just when you need it most?

Here are five essential car power accessories to ensure your road trip is comfortable, convenient, and enjoyable—a true "great-family-road-trip-survival guide," as Ravenscroft aptly describes them:

  1. Power Bank: A portable lifesaver for charging cellphones, laptops, and other gadgets on the go. Opt for models like the SE5 or SE10 power banks, recommended by trusted battery specialists for their slim design and high capacity.

  2. Jumper Cables: Every motorist should have a pair of jumper cables and the know-how to use them. Invest in jumpers with extra-long, durable cables for reliability and safety.

  3. 500 Lumen Diffuser Torch: Perfect for camping, hiking, and emergencies when power is scarce. This USB-rechargeable torch emits a powerful beam, softened by the diffuser, and doubles as a high-quality silicone drinking cup.

  4. HiLight Light Sensor: A USB-rechargeable headlamp that's hands-free and activated with a wave. Illuminate your surroundings for up to 15 hours when fully charged. Ideal for camping, hiking, or lighting up dark areas.

  5. Jumpstarter Power Bank: Don't let a flat battery ruin your road trip. This powerful power bank includes jump start clamps—stash them in the boot for emergencies. Boost your battery and get back on track, and use the USB input to charge your cellphone.

While a pre-trip vehicle check is advisable, having power accessories on hand provides peace of mind, keeping you connected and on the move. Prioritize a preventative car battery check, available for free from trusted battery specialists. Ensure a relaxed journey, knowing your battery is road trip-ready with Global Batteries Alberton.

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