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Exploring South Africa's breathtaking landscapes or navigating through morning traffic becomes a seamless adventure with a motorcycle. For enthusiasts embarking on a scenic road trip or utilizing two wheels for daily commutes, maintaining the motorcycle battery in pristine condition is crucial. Here are five essential tips for optimal motorcycle battery care, tailored for Global Batteries Alberton customers.

1. Opt for the Ideal Battery: Choosing the perfect motorcycle battery is vital, given the broad selection of high-performance options available. Global Batteries Alberton recommends selecting a maintenance-free battery. Such batteries retain their water during the charging process, offering efficiency without the mess. They are securely sealed, with the acid contained within special plates and separators, eliminating concerns over acid leaks damaging valuable motorcycle components and accessories. If your battery includes sensors, ensure to replace these sensors alongside the battery for consistent performance.

2. Regular Fluid Level Inspections: Maintain regular checks on your battery fluid levels, ideally monthly. Ensure levels align with the battery's maximum and minimum fill lines. While Global Batteries Alberton's specialists can manage this task, DIY enthusiasts can replenish cells with distilled water in a ventilated space, wearing protective gear. This practice is crucial year-round, especially for frequent riders.

3. Maintain Battery Cleanliness: Dust, grime, and pollutants can accumulate on your battery. Use a clamp brush and specific battery cleaner to remove terminal corrosion effectively. Secure the vent caps during cleaning to prevent cleaner ingress. Post-cleaning, wipe the battery with a damp cloth, followed by drying with a clean one. Applying anti-corrosion spray on the terminals post-drying can help prevent future corrosion.

4. Storage Considerations: Avoid battery damage from freezing or cracking in colder months by storing it at room temperature. Refrain from placing it on concrete or metal surfaces to prevent discharge. Wooden or other insulating surfaces are preferable for storage.

5. Regular Charging: Ensure your battery is fully charged before commencing your journey. Connect the battery to a motorcycle battery charger, adhering to the correct polarity. Disconnect the charger properly after turning it off. Charging is particularly crucial during winter but is beneficial throughout the year.

For motorcycle enthusiasts looking for high-performance batteries tailored to fit their needs, Global Batteries Alberton is your go-to source. We offer an extensive range of chargers, cleaning supplies, and accessories to keep your motorcycle battery in peak condition. Benefit from a complimentary battery test and professional guidance at Global Batteries Alberton. Locate your nearest branch for unparalleled service.

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